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FAQS for GPS Receivers
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 Pocket PC 2003 and Bluetooth Issues   PocketPC 2003 Issues

These issues directly relate to the PocketPC 2003 operating system and "generally" do not occur in PocketPC 2002.

Some PDA manufacturers have released ROM updates for their PDAs to correct these problems.

If you are using a O2 XDA II, Imate or MDA II or Qtek 2020 or any other PDA's based on the same hardware with a Bluetooth gps then see the Bluetooth Tools section below.

General issues with PocketPC 2003

When turning off the PDA and a file stored on a compact flash card open (for OziExplorerCE this means the ozf2 image file), the handle to the file is lost when the PDA is turned on again.

A work around has been added to OziExplorerCE to reopen the map image file when the error is detected.

* The problem occurred - if using map images on a CF card.

* The problem did not occur - if using map images on a CF card but also have a SD card inserted in a SD card slot. (The presence of the SD card seems to make things work ok).

* if using map images on a SD card.

* if using map images in main memory.

When turning off the PDA with a Com port open the handle to the com port is lost.

A work around has been added to OziExplorerCE to reopen the com port when the error is detected.

Bluetooth issues with PocketPC 2003

Bluetooth Port

The Bluetooth com port to use for connection may be Com 8 or Com 5 depending on the Make, model and ROM version of the PDA.

When using a Bluetooth GPS and the map images are on a SD or CF card

Bluetooth disconnections may be more frequent - it may somehow relate to cpu load. Seems to happen a lot more if map images are loaded from a SD card.

If the PDA is turned off and on when connected to a Bluetooth GPS the connection may no longer work

Even if disconnected and reconnected it cannot be made to work, a reset may be required.

On the iPaq 2200 and 5500 series and possibly others, if you turn off the PDA with an active Bluetooth connection the PDA will not turn on again, you must press the reset button to get the PDA working again.

ROM upgrades are available from the HP web site support pages.

Bluetooth in PocketPC 2003 will always ask for a device before connecting

(PocketPC 2002 only asks the first time and does not ask again once the devices are paired).

If you would like the PocketPC 2002 behavior there is a registry entry which can be made.

* You will need a registry editor like RegEdit.
* Under the registry key HKLM\Software\Widcomm\BtConfig\AutoConnect\0005 or HKLM\Software\Widcomm\BtConfig\AutoConnect\0008 ; it may be one or the other of these depending on the PDA make, model or ROM version.
* Create a new DWORD value called : BtBrowserEnabled and set it to: 0
* Bluetooth should now connect to a paired device without asking.

Bluetooth Tools

Please note the Bluetooth tools may no longer be required for OziExplorerCE version 1.12.0 or later. OziExplorerCE has been rewritten to bypass the issues with the Bluetooth on these PDA's.

If you are using a O2 XDA II or MDA II or Qtek 2020 or any other PDA's based on the same hardware with a bluetooth gps then you will not be able to connect to the gps with OziExplorerCE, you will get ERR in the top right corner above the map. This is not a problem with OziExplorerCE it is a well known problem with these devices, their bluetooth implementation does not work properly and requires a patch.

There are some programs which do work with these devices without the patch but these are most likely using simple polling of the serial port. I can also read the serial port using polling but this is not a suitable method to use as it slows the software down considerably, an event driven reading method must be used and this is where the patch is required.

The patch (Bluetooth Tools) can be downloaded from this site.

Download Patch

Setup for the Bluetooth Tools

* If you have any paired devices delete them.
* Download and install the Bluetooth Tools to the PDA.
* Reset the PDA.
* Run the bluetooth manager.
* Using the bluetooth manager search for the gps
* When found highlight it in the list and click on Next
* Enter the Device PIN: (should be in the gps manual, if not try 0000);
* Click Next
* Click Finish
* When asked if you want to create a Bluetooth serial port answer Yes.
* The serial port number that will be used is shown (remember the number, you will need it to configure OziExplorerCE) Tick the Serial port box
* Press the (ok) button on the top right of the screen to close the bluetooth manager (need to press 2 times)
* Reset the PDA (this is important, if you do not do this the new serial port will not be created)

Run OziExplorerCE and in NMEA (GPS) configuration set the Serial Port Number created by the Bluetooth Tools as the Communication Port.
 Courtesy of OziExplorer, these issues can also occur with other applications. Read carefully especially if you have an O2 XDA, MDA II or IMate. 
 My GPS can't find any Satellites.   GPS devices need to download an almanac the first time they are used. This is automatic but you should leave the GPS unit outside and powered up for 15 minutes before attempting to connect to it. If you try powering up for the first time inside, then the GPS unit may close down and require even more time to get going as it will have to go into cold start mode. This also applies if you move to a different country. Don?t try using your GPS device until you have given it time to download a new almanac.    
 After installing my GMouse the mouse cursor is jumping all over   This is because Windows incorrectly identifies your GMouse as a Microsoft Serial Ballpoint mouse. Please download the file Jumping Mouse Fix and after unzipping, click on it to disable this ?device?.    
 Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 articles)   Result Pages:  1  
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